Jungle - Busting

 With this wheeled brushcutter, weeds and grass up to 2 metres high don’t stand a chance. They are dragged into the machine and chopped up leaving a mulch. The grass can then be cut with a conventional ride on mower giving a finer finish if required.

Self-seeded saplings up to 5 centimetres thick can be cut down as well without the machine struggling to cope. This machine is ideal for homeowners who may have left their property all year and only visit in the spring/summer months to find that the garden is covered in undergrowth. This brushcutter will smash everything in it’s path down to a height enabling the customer to get on his ride-on mower or self propelled push mower to get that lawn back in shape. If the customer wishes then we can finish off with our own mowers at a later date. This rough cutting machine can easily operate in wet conditions as well.

Brambles get cut back using a harnessed brushcutter equipped with a shredding knife blade. This leaves small pieces of cut material which eliminates the need to gather up the long bramble stems for burning.