Stump - Grinding 

Unwanted tree stumps can be an unsightly problem. If you want a garden where you can mow the grass without having to steer around stumps left over after tree felling then consider having them ground out for good.   

If you are planning to lay a patio or path and there are intrusive stumps prevent that happening, then why not have them removed?   

          Grinding them out is less messy than dragging them out using a tractor or JCB. Chemicals stop future re-growth but take years to rot them down. Stump grinding is faster and easier and you are left with chippings which can be used on the garden as mulch. Use a mixture of 80% green waste and 20% wood chip and leave to rot down as normal. The result is a fine compost to be used next year.

         I have two machines: a large, modern, self-propelled machine capable of grinding out very large stumps and another one which can get into very small spaces, such as raised beds or onto raised terraces.